A New CD for Slava and Leonard Grigoryan


Keeping up with the Grigoryan brothers is no mean feat.

This month Slava Grigoryan performs in concert with the Willoughby Symphony, the brothers Leonard and Slava appear on Jose Carbo’s recent release My Latin Heart, but most importantly, between early July and mid-October, they will undertake an extensive national tour from Perth to Townsville and a swag of cities in between to perform the music that they’ve recorded on their new CD The Seasons, due for release on June 29th 2012.

The Seasons was composed as a work for solo piano by Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky in 1875 at the behest of Nikolay Matveyevich Bernard, the editor of the St Petersburg music magazine Nouvellist. Its 12 movements represent the months of the year and it was Bernard, not Tchaikovsky who gave the movements their sub-titles.

  • January: At the Fireside
  • February: Carnival
  • March: Song of the Lark
  • April: Snowdrop
  • May: Starlit Nights
  • June: Barcarolle
  • July: Song of the Reapers
  • August: Harvest
  • September: The Hunt
  • October: Autumn Song
  • November: Troika
  • December: Christmas

Slava Grigoryan admits that he has wanted to record the work for as long as 15 years. “Many years ago I’d performed a few movements from The Seasons which Dad had arranged for me. But you really need two guitars to cover the full dynamic range and detail.  Since then Leonard and I have been planning to record the complete set.”

If anyone could understand how to adapt this quintessential Russian work for two guitars, it would be the Grigoryans. Of Kazakhstani heritage, Slava and younger brother Leonard were born to professional violinists Eduard and Irina.

“For many years Slava and I have wanted to breathe new life into classical guitar repertoire,” says Leonard. “In the past we’ve performed Spanish and French piano compositions that have been transcribed for two guitars, this arrangement of  The Seasons is unique.”

“This guitar transition is a rare occurrence with Russian piano music, so I think when people hear this we might see it happening more and more,” adds Slava. “Dad’s arrangement is nothing short of stunning, retaining what makes it a masterpiece, while presenting it in a totally different setting and giving it a new voice.”

The Grigoryan Brothers are Australia’s leading guitarists, both as individuals and together, as a duo. Their work spans solo careers as well as collaborations with other artists. The Grigoryan Brothers have recorded five albums and received nominations for numerous ARIA Awards. They have undertaken many national tours along with international tours of Europe,  the USA, the UK, Asia, Russia, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The Seasons is released on June 29th 2012 and will be available from all good music stores. www.whichwaymusic.com

Distributed by Fuse Music. www.fusemusic.com.au

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