World Class Guitarists Unite As A Trio


Three of the world’s finest guitarists Ralph Towner, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Slava Grigoryan are re-uniting to tour the nation following the release of their new album Travel Guide on the ECM label.

The three guitarists are all classically trained and their music is anchored in classical ideas. Yet, each has his own distinctive  approach to making music and the three are intent on expanding the guitar oeuvre, leading vividly different forays into world, jazz, and modern classical music.

Joining forces for a one-off  tour of Australia in 2005, the trio felt an instant personal and musical connection and agreed to make this an ongoing project alongside their solo careers and other collaborations.

The 2014 tour celebrates the release of  their CD Travel Guide on the European label ECM. Ralph Towner brought the project to legendary producer and founder of ECM, Manfred Eicher.  Travel Guide was recorded in Lugano in August 2012, produced by Eicher.

Their first CD From a Dream, recorded and released in 2008 on Australian label Which Way Music, highlighted the guitarists’ individual musical influences and showcased their artistry as a trio creating a fresh voice as a guitar ensemble. 

Towner has been a recording artist with ECM for more than 40 years, while for Muthspiel  and Grigoryan this recording is their ECM debut. Grigoryan is a pre-eminent Australian classical guitarist and Muthspiel has been an important figure on the transatlantic jazz scene for two decades. Both Grigoryan and Muthspiel share an admiration for  one musical hero – the iconic Ralph Towner, 

For music lovers and especially guitar enthusiasts it is the chance to hear three generations of musicians all performing together, yet each with their signature style. It promises to be a world-class presentation of guitar mastery. 

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