Album Release: Claire Edwardes Kammerbox


Claire Edwardes, Australia’s foremost virtuoso percussionist has released a new album, Kammerbox, an anthology of sparkling Australian chamber music written for and championed by Claire throughout her career.

For decades Claire Edwardes has been collaborating with Australia’s top instrumentalists and commissioning chamber works by Australia’s foremost composers.

Kammerbox showcases the best of Australian percussion with Claire herself playing a variety of percussion instruments like the marimba, claves and vibraphone. There are works by legendary Australian composers including Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Elena Kats-Chernin, and Gerard Brophy. Performing alongside Claire are some of Australia’s foremost chamber performers including guitarist Karin Schaupp, violinist Anna McMichael, cellist Julian Smiles, clarinetist Jason Noble, saxophonist Christina Leonard and pianist Bernadette Harvey.

The album is available now (digital only). Stream or download here:


1. COLE Glocken Blocken (Claire Edwardes marimba & almglocken)
2. EDWARDS Djanaba (Claire Edwardes marimba, Karin Schaupp guitar)
3. ABBOTT Re-Echo (Claire Edwardes vibraphone, Julian Smiles cello)
4. EDWARDS Binyang (Claire Edwardes claves, Jason Noble clarinet)
5. PSATHAS Fragment (Claire Edwardes vibraphone, Bernadette Harvey piano)
6. BROPHY We Bop (Claire Edwardes vibraphone, Christina Leonard alto saxophone)
7. KATS-CHERNIN Blue Silence (Claire Edwardes marimba, Jason Noble bass clarinet)
8-10. GRENFELL Di Primavera (Claire Edwardes marimba, Karin Schaupp guitar)
11. ORD War and Peace: II. No Man’s Land
(Claire Edwardes percussion, Anna McMichael violin)
12. SCULTHORPE Djilile (Claire Edwardes marimba, Julian Smiles cello)
13. CHARLTON Carpentaria: II. Distant Shores
(Claire Edwardes vibraphone, Karin Schaupp guitar)
14. DARGAVILLE Invisible Dance
(Claire Edwardes marimba, Christina Leonard soprano saxophone)
15-16. GREENBAUM Two Interludes in Space
(Claire Edwardes vibraphone, Bernadette Harvey piano, Anna McMichael violin)


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