Bach’s Mass In B Minor From The Song Company And Ironwood Chamber Ensemble

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In a rare soloistic performance, featuring one voice per partthe singers of The Song Company and Ironwood Chamber Ensemble will combine to present Johann Sebastian Bach’s magnificent Mass in B Minor BWV 232, a musical setting of the complete Latin mass.

Widely regarded as the pinnacle of vocal music, this work is usually performed with a larger choir. The singers of The Song Company are taking it back to its original form of 10-part vocal harmony to showcase Bach’s stylistic and technical brilliance.

Completed in 1749, just a year before his death, the Mass in B minor moves from the pleading opening movement, the Kyrie, through the dance like Gloria, to the Sanctus, linking heaven and earth and the rousing Et Resurrexit.

Tickets:  $89 (Adult)/Concessions available. Additional fees may apply. 

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