Breathe – A Dining Room Tale

Russian-Japanese concert pianist Yoshio Hamano comes to the table for the ninth edition of  the Dining Room Tales series. Dining Room Tales is the long-term performance project led by Australian artist Xan Colman, where audiences are invited to spend an evening around the dining table, hosted by an intriguing and exceptional artist. The host shares aspects of their life, interests and humanity as they prepare a communal meal for the audience to share in between moments of formal and informal performance.

Worlds and cultures collide in the kitchen and on the keys when Yoshio performs works by Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Takemitsu, interspersed with stories from the many chapters of his multicultural life. Breathe premiered in Japan in November 2019 at Kansai and the Yokohama Sound Festival.

Yoshio has performed extensively as soloist with orchestras and chamber ensembles including the Japan Philharmonic at Suntory Hall (Tokyo), Tokyo Symphony, Lund City Orchestra, City of Bishkek Grand Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Tchaikovsky String Quartet, and Vienna Rasumofsky Quartet. He has presented recitals across Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Dining Room Tales has been performed in London, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Yokohama, Belo Horizonte, Osaka and across Australia with some 84 performances to date.

Tables of food have held the most wondrous stories of humankind: stories of celebration and conflict, of joy and tribulation, of colourful pasts, confounding presents, uncertain futures.

“Dining Room Tales is driven by the idea that communities who engage with each other often and with empathy, are healthier communities. It is a practice of humanity and of art. The performances are highly crafted, but also led by the audience through gentle participation. Dining Room Tales combine life and art through sharing and generosity. Along the way, the audience is entangled in the very process of creating an artwork,” said Xan Colman, Creator of Dining Room Tales and Artistic Director of contemporary performance company A is for Atlas.

Creative credits:
Stories, performance and food: Yoshio Hamano /Concept and direction: Xan Colman

Strictly limited capacity. Bookings essential.
** A meal will be served. Please advise dietary concerns when booking.

Tickets: $80 (includes meal) /Duration: 2.5 hours approx.



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