Coro Innominata launches its 20th Anniversary season with ‘Media Vita’

Image: Rachel Dulson

Using the Christian tradition it is possible to view death from a perspective that encourages contemplation prior to the event rather than after, forward-looking rather than back. In this way, death is viewed with a sense of comfort and release; a long awaited paradise. The Latin antiphon of 750AD ‘Media vita in morte sumus’ (in the midst of life we are in death) resonates with this idea and is explored in our first concert of the year. Help us unravel the meaning behind this enigmatic phrase through music such as Harris’s Faire is the Heaven, Stanford’s Justorum animae and other works by Poulenc, Brahms, Purcell, Rheinberger and more.

To book tickets online click here or call 0413 440 173
Tickets will also be available at the door.

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