‘Music and Me’ – Kristina Keneally

For those of us who hold music as an integral part of our lives, there are certain pieces that define us, and that we associate with events, memories and emotions.  We listen to music to calm us, to entertain, to motivate, to contemplate….music makes us.

The second in the series “Music and Me” from Singing Bird Productions features Kristina Keneally, past Premier of New South Wales. Keneally will be interviewed by Emma Ayres about her music selections which range from Bach through Schubert to Bernstein, Adler and Ross. Musicians from classical and music theatre backgrounds will be on hand to perform her selections, placing them in context.

Keneally’s life has spanned several continents, being American born, of American- Australian parentage. She moved to Australia after marrying her Australian husband whom she met in Poland  then adopting a political career in this country. These and other influnces her life will no doubt be revealed in her playlist.

Tickets:  $28 www.trybooking.com/ryo or $30 at the door.

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