Sleepover Or Sleep Over – Max Richter At The Sydney Opera House


Max Richter, one of the most influential composers of our time is in Sydney to perform as part of Vivid 2016!

Depending on how you respond, experiencing Max Richter’s Sleep could either lull you into somnolence in your sleepover at the Sydney Opera House, or it might be that sleep is the furthest thing from your mind as he performs his extraordinary 8-hour, 31 track album Sleep (Deutsche Grammophon) live, through the night.

From 11.30 pm till 7.30 am Richter, along with his colleagues who recorded the album, New York’s American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME)  and British soprano Grace Davidson will perform this ‘personal lullaby for a frenetic world.’

The experience may not cure your insomnia, but it’s a rare opportunity for just 200 people to immerse themselves in the spaces of the Sydney Opera House through the magical hours of darkness, with an intimate view of the harbour as they listen to Richter’s soundscape. The idea was created in collaboration with neuroscientist David Eagleman exploring the links between music and consciousness.

Richter’s aesthetics look as much to the future as they do to the past – Sleep is strongly influenced by Gustav Mahler’s symphonies; Richter’s celebrated 21st century re-work of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, played brilliantly by Daniel Hope, built on Vivaldi’s Baroque masterpiece and early styles.

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