‘The Listening Museum’ from Ensemble Offspring and Clocked Out

Innovative ‘New Music’ performers Ensemble Offspring and Brisbane-based duo Clocked Out join forces to present a performance they have called ‘The Listening Museum.’

This interactive, real time surround-sound experience features performance installations with bass drums and ping pong balls, kinetic sound generating objects, sine tones, a prepared grand piano and more. The Listening Museum is an imaginative collaboration between two adventurous groups that focuses on the phenomena of listening.

Sydney based Ensemble Offspring presents an eclectic and progressive repertoire, which includes spectral, minimalist and complexist classics, improvisation, multimedia and cross-genre events. They are well matched with Clocked Out Duo who use prepared piano, percussion, toy instruments and found objects to create “a detailed orchestration of percussive and resonant sounds.” (Chris Reid, Realtime85) Their work embraces a range influences from experimental composition, to improvisation to traditional Chinese percussion. Their style is playful and adventurous, creating links between disparate genres.

There will be up close and intimate performances by percussionists Vanessa Tomlinson and Claire Edwardes with Rosemary Joy’s handmade ‘Beauty Boxes. Jason Noble wows with the classic Ablauf for clarinet and bass drums, and audiences are treated to the Sydney premiere of Erik Griswold’s Action Music for mixed quartet. Also on offer are Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music for four swinging microphones and feedback, two mind-bending works of experimentalist Alvin Lucier and surround sound Clarinets On Mass in Super Critical Mass.

Let Ensemble Offspring challenge your perception of all things auditory!

Presented in assocation with the New Music Network


Alvin Lucier – Music for Pure Waves

Steffan Ianigro – Bell Piece http://vimeo.com/63317422

Alvin Lucier – In Memorium Jon Higgins 

Rosemary Joy – Beauty Boxes 

Steve Reich – Pendulum Music 

Magnus Lindberg – Ablauf

Vanessa Tomlinson – Piano and Gong

Erik Griswold – Action Music 

Julian Day, Janet McKay, Luke Jaaniste  – Super Critical Mass 


Jason Noble, clarinet
Vanessa Tomlinson and Claire Edwardes, percussion
Erik Griswold, prepared piano

Clarinets On Mass

Steffan Ianigro, bells

Tickets: $30/$15

Book at www.cityrecitalhall.com

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