Chasing Stars To The Mother Tree – Debut Release From Yulugi

Chasing Stars To The Mother Tree is the debut release from Yulugi, a fresh collaboration between Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka man Gumaroy Newman and British-Australian composer Keyna Wilkins, which will be launched in Sydney, in late October.

The album is based on the Gamilaroi star-lore myth that Berriberri set out in pursuit of the Miai-miai and cornered them in a mother tree where they were transformed into yellow and white cockatoos. Newman and Wilkins will take you on a journey into the heart of Australia, with dream-like sequences alongside landscape depictions, animal mimicry and echoes of tribal lores, drawing on a myriad musical
influences, to create a unique and authentic soundscape of Australia.

The launch double bill will also feature the Jeremy Rose Quartet, with Jeremy Rose, tenor saxophone, Steve Barry, piano; Noel Mason, bass; and Alex Hirlian, drums. The Quartet will visit music from Rose’s three critically acclaimed releases and explore new material.

Tickets: $30 includes a pizza of your choice



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