The Metropolitan Orchestra’s Family Cushion Concerts – Music For All Ages


The Metropolitan Orchestra’s upcoming Family Cushion Concert features narrated performances of Peter and the Wolf and the Australian premiere of The Unhappy Aardvark.

Prokofiev’s enchanting tale of Peter and the Wolf paints its characters with the instruments of the orchestra and tells its story in music and prose.

The Unhappy Aadvark by British composer and educationist Paul Harris, tells the story in music of an Aardvark who can’t bring himself to eat his prey and is rescued by a vet who gives him a new mouth so that he can eat anything. It too, has a role for a narrator 

This family cushion concert is suitable for all ages, so don’t forget your cushion if you would like to sit on the floor. If not, there is seating for adults.

Sponsored by Leichhardt Municipal Council.

Tickets: $10

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