‘Whips and Tendrils’ – Inspired By Native Birds



Triangulate presents Whips and Tendrils, a program of new electroacoustic works inspired by Australian native birds – exploring their calls, behaviours and relationship to environment and space – from natural habitats to man-made environments. Triangulate artists Karin Senff, Andrew Bluff and Sarah-Leith Izzard create electronically manipulated field recordings that journey between realism and abstraction to create immersive, multi-channel soundscapes.

The three emerging new media artists and composers, work both individually and collaboratively to create experimental  electro-acoustic works which explore the qualities of sound,  interactivity and immersion
Multiple microphone techniques have been used to capture various perspectives – from birdcalls, to wings flapping, to close sounds of birds feeding. We also combine these with more diverse recordings of wire fences, birdcage and electro-magnetic fields.

Fixed arrangements will be combined with live improvisation, using found object instruments, midi controllers and experimental guitar techniques.
Whips and Tendrils refers not only to the familiar call of the whip bird, but also to the way Triangulate moves sound around the performance space using a sound system customized specifically for this performance.

The concert is part of the Month of Sacred Birds.

Tickets: Full $25 | Concession $18
Bookings: (02) 4645 4100, www.campbelltownartscentre.com.au Tickets also available at the door.

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