Synergy Percussion Blends East And West In Earth Cry


Two musical powerhouses blend east and west to create earth cry – a dark, vibrant and transformative concert experience when Synergy Percussion and, Noreum Machi the foremost percussion ensembles of Australia and Korea, join forces to bring together the traditional and the contemporary of both cultures. 

earth cry  will be an immersive concert experience, performed amidst a vivid environment of video projections by Sydney artist Samuel James. It is an entirely new performance of collaboratively devised works, presenting performers from both Synergy Percussion and Noreum Machi as one ensemble, drawing from both the shamanistic traditions of Korean samul-nori music and contemporary Western percussive practice. The performance features a diversity of percussive music through a dynamic range of instruments: from western drums to the smallest and most subtle Korean gong, marimbas and frame drums. At the core of the work will be the instruments of samul-nori: the Jing, the Kkwaenggwari, the Buk, and the principle instrument, the double-headed Janggu.

 Since 2011, Synergy Percussion and Noreum Machi have engaged in an ongoing exchange of art, culture and ideas through music, culminating in a triumphant double-bill performance at the 2014 OzAsia festival in Adelaide to sold-out houses. 

In 2010, Synergy Percussion’s artistic director Timothy Constable was the featured composer at the Seoul Drum Festival. It was this first trip to Korea that he had his first taste of samul-nori. Samul-nori is a style of percussion both virtuosic and profoundly spiritual, with roots in ancient shamanistic practices, and is largely unknown outside Korea. It was also his introduction to Kim Juhong, artistic director to Korea’s premiere samulnori percussion ensemble, Noreum Machi.

earth cry represents music’s ability to travel from deep, soulful contemplation to shamanic ecstasy and to places in between. It is a sonic world unfamiliar in Australia, but one that has been at the heart of Korean spiritualism for centuries, interpreted by some of the most skilled percussion artists in Korean and Australian contemporary music. A unique blend of the music and philosophies of east and west, created over five years, earth cry promises to be transformative, profound and truly unforgettable. 

Adult A reserve $60, Adult B reserve $50, Concession A reserve $45, Concession B reserve $35 all plus bf

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