The Sound Of Burning Water – Electronica, Drums, Garden Slate And Knitting Needles


Percussionist Claire Edwardes presents About an Hour solo recital titled The Sound of Burning Water as part of the Sydney Festival.

The performance tracks 25 years of solo percussion – “the gems in my view!” says Edwardes, and features a world premiere.

Describing the line-up, she explains “I will open and close the show with Xenakis’s visceral classic Rebonds (my favourite percussion solo of all time) and in between there will be 4 unique and contrasting solo’s with electronics. Firstly Damien Ricketson’s organic Time Alone for vibraphone, which I recently premiered as part of The Secret Noise (and features Damien on live electronics), then Temazcal for solo maracas and electronics, which is at once visually entertaining and aurally rich, and then my new arrangement of Steve Reich’s classic Vermont Counterpoint in which the lush layering of repeated patterns on vibraphone and xylophone (12 in total, that I recorded in the studio earlier in the year) leads to a wholly immersive listening experience.” 

The world premiere on the program is a two movement piece called Work and is a collaboration between Marcus Whale and Tom Smith, commissioned by  Edwardes for the Sydney Festival and made possible by a grant from the Australia Council. The first movement is simply for drum set up and electronica and the second, is for a single piece of garden slate and some knitting needles.” I think their latest collaboration is extremely rich electronica” says Edwardes. Marcus Whale straddles the world of pop and classical music coming from a background of classical training under Ricketson at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and performing with his pop group Collarbones.

Tickets: $35




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