Tudor, Today And Tomorrow: Broken Consorts From Ironwood And Ensemble Offspring


Music from Tudor England meets contemporary sounds with a world premiere of a new Australian work when Ironwood and Ensemble Offspring combine a mix of old and new sounds in their Broken Consort series.

Along with early music by William Lawes and Matthew Locke, the programme contains works by Mary Finsterer, Damien Ricketson and Felicity Wilcox, whose new composition Broken Consorts will receive its world premiere.

Whilst Ironwood is committed to exploring historically informed performance of repertoire from the baroque, classical and romantic eras on period instruments, Ensemble Offspring is Australia’s pre-eminent new music ensemble, dedicated to the performance of innovative new music.

In Broken Consorts the musicians are experimenting with exciting new combinations of instruments and sounds in an exploration of the consort-style of writing that dates back to Tudor England.

The programme:
Mary Finsterer   (2012)   Silva  
William Lawes  Consorts in 5 or 6 Parts
Damien Ricketson (2010-12)   Trace Elements
Matthew Locke   Suite in Fower Parts 
Felicity Wilcox (2015)   Broken Consorts – World Premiere

Julia Fredersdorff violin; Veronique Serret violins; Nicole Forsyth viola; Daniel Yeadon cello

Ensemble Offspring
Claire Edwardes percussion; Zubin Kanga piano; Lamorna Nightingale flutes; Jason Noble clarinets



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